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PRivacy policy 

Regarding the General Data Protection Regulations of May 25th 2018. 


Lighthouse Learning will need to gain written consent to having your/your child's details stored on computer.  


This information is used by myself Sue Upton and our maths tutor Chris Upton, because we are the only members of staff in Lighthouse Learning. Your information will also be required by LAMDA for those students taking speech and drama exams. 


We use the information 

  • to remind us of any medical condition your child may have 

  • for emergency contact details

  • to inform you of holiday dates and events

  • to return homework

  • for application forms for LAMDA speech and drama examinations


We will keep the information until your child leaves Lighthouse Learning.  After that point it will be archived. You can withdraw your consent to our storing the information at any point. Any paper documentation is kept in a locked drawer. 


If we ever need to share any information regarding your child with a third party we will need to gain your permission to do so.  


If your child is home tutored then we ask parents to enter their own children for exams. We will enter students for LAMDA examinations.


On our registration form we ask you for your permission to use any photographs we may use for publicity.  We will need to ask you again whenever this is likely to happen.  Again, all Lighthouse Learning photos are kept on Sue’s computer and only published with your consent.


September 2018

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